Legal-Aid -Features


Legal-Aid is a legal description writer that creates legal descriptions from AutoCAD geometry. Simply select the line work and corner descriptions in AutoCAD for the lot you wish to describe, then Legal-Aid takes over and builds the legal description for you.


Benefits of using Legal-Aid...


  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce Typo's
  • Enhance consistency


How it Works!

Start Legal-Aid from the AutoCAD Command line or General CADD Pro 5 plugin menu and follow the prompts to select the geometry or points that make up your boundary. You can also type in descriptions for each corner, or pick description text right from the CAD drawing. After the boundary is entered, the legal description is created and placed in Legal-Aid's word processor for final editing and checking. The final document can be pasted back into your CAD drawing, printed, or sent to your favorite word processor such as Word or WordPerfect.


Have it Your Way!

One of the best features of Legal-Aid is that it allows you to fully customize the phrase libraries so your descriptions turn out the way you want them to.


No Add-on's Required

Legal-Aid works directly with your CAD drawing, so no other add-on software is required. If you can create lots from lines, arcs and polylines, then you can use Legal-Aid. Legal-Aid does not use lot summary or boundary files.



How about calculating and building the legal description for a 163 course parcel containing over 80 curves in 1.1 seconds! And that's only on a Pentium 233 with 64MB Ram. The main Legal-Aid program is a fully compiled executable based on current object oriented, ActiveX and COM based technologies. Translated, this means that Legal-Aid is fast. Legal-Aid does not use any lisp or macro languages for any of its processing and formatting.



  • Create legals by selecting lines, arcs and polylines.
  • Also create legals by snapping to endpoints or intersections. All option snap modes are supported.
  • Create up to 10 individual phrase libraries.
  • Embed codes for bold, italilcs, underline, and upper/lowercase right in your phrases.
  • Automatically detects tangent/non-tangent curves, compound curves and reverse curves.
  • Supports calls from the Point of Commencement to the Point of beginning.
  • Enter corner description right from within your drawing. No need to go back and insert them later.
  • Enter corner descriptions by selecting text entities.
  • All phrase text is totally editable
  • Include as much or as little dimensional information in phrases.
  • Can now display full precision area, or area based on the precision of the legal description (like a mapcheck routine).
  • Display full precision area, or area based on the precision of the legal description (like a mapcheck routine) (or both!).
  • Reverse closed parcel direction at any time (clockwise / counter-clockwise)
  • Legal description can be rotated from within Legal-Aid to match other bearing systems.
  • Built-in word processor with spell-chek, find & replace and upper/lowercase conversion.
  • Check spelling sutomatically while you type.
  • Finished legals can be cut & pasted or imported into Word, WordPerfect, or back into AutoCAD.
  • No need to leave your CAD program. Legal-Aid runs right from the command line or plugin menu.
  • Works directly with AutoCAD. No additional add-on's required.
  • Compatible with all survey programs that create or import geometry in AutoCAD.
  • Versions available for AutoCAD R14.01 and above.
  • Also available for General CADD Pro 5
  • Now includes multi-media tutorial movies.


Legal-Aid is fully customizable, so you can write legals your way, not ours!


No Add-on's Required



Legal-Aid can calculate and build the legal description for a 163 course parcel containg over 80 curves in 1.1 seconds.