Legal-Aid Customization


- Full control over phrase text and content

- Extensive options for angle and distance display

- Easy phrase editing and configuration


The Problem:

Surveyors have consistently told us that they want a legal writer that can be customized to accommodate their own writing style and is simple and straightforward to configure. This has traditionally been a weak spot among legal writing programs.... until now!


The Solution:

Legal-Aid gives you full control over the entire text of each phrase as well as the type and format of the information to include in the phrase (such as bearings, distance, coordinates, point descriptions etc.). You can even configure Legal-Aid to create a coordinate list instead of a legal description (including coordinates for radius points). Many other options are also provided to control settings such as the number of decimals, use of cardinal directions and more.


Phrase Libraries:

All of the settings and phrases are stored together as a "phrase library". Legal-Aid contains three phrase libraries that you can choose among freely. And each phrase library can be fully customized to meet your needs.









Phrase settings...

Legal-Aid gives you full control over decimal places and other formatting options.



Easy Editing and Configuration:

All phrases and phrase settings are presented for editing in a clear, logical manner. Helpful hints and tips are provided on each page of the editing dialog to guide you through the editing process. Pop-up menus are also provided for finding and selecting phrase fields with the mouse.






Phrase text...

Each phrase is totally accesable to you to change as you see fit. Create legal descriptions your way, not ours.