Searching & Sorting

Info-Retriever features over 80 ways to search your data. You can search virtually any data field by simply double-clicking it. You can also sort your data on any one of more than 80 fields as well.


Search and sort features :

  • Search and sort on over 80 fields.
  • Simply double-click a field to search on it.
  • Use wildcards in searches.
  • Do multi-field searches.
  • Search comment (memo) fields.
  • History list for easy retrieval of previous searches.

Wildcard Searches:

Info-Retriever uses an asterisk as a wildcard character in your searches. For instance, searching for Smith* will find all matches that start with Smith and include any and all characters after smith. Such as Smith, Smithers, Smithville, etc.


Advanced Contact Search:

Info-Retriever can narrow or expand your search for a contact using powerful "AND" and "OR" operators. For example: "John and Smith", or "Anderson or Andersen", or "Chuck or Charles or Charley".

Multi-Field Searches:

With Info-Retriever, you aren't limited to single field searches either. With the Search All command, you simply fill in the blanks of information you want to search for. With this feature you can do searches such as "find all Clients that have a zip code of 30066".


Memo Field Searches (Comments):

Comment fields can also be searched and are indexed for quick response.... even if you have pages and pages of notes stored in them.