• 1 GHz or faster Pentium class processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1024 x 764 or greater screen resolution (some forms will not fit on smaller screens)
  • Microsoft Windows XP through Windows 10.
  • Quickbooks support requires a U.S. version of Quickbooks Pro 2003 or above. Also, Quickbooks and Info-Retriever must be installed on the same computer.

Network Version

For best performance, the following configuration is recommended when using Info-Retriever in a networked environment.

  • A reasonably fast computer with plenty of RAM (2 GB or more preferred)
  • A large hard drive
  • A 100MB (or 10/100) network or faster (Gigabit network recommended)
  • Must be installed on a local hard drive of the computer acting as the Info-Retriever server. Do not install Info-Retriever on a NAS drive.

The network version of Info-Retriever is designed with simplicity in mind and can run on any basic network including a simple Windows peer-to-peer network. No special servers or network computers are required or used.