Attach AutoCAD Drawings!

Attach AutoCAD drawings and other files to any property record (contact and control records too). You can link to any file you wish as long as it is accessable on your network. When you are ready to use the file, just double-click it and Info-Retriever automatically launches it in its native application*.


Use this feature to keep track of....


  • AutoCAD drawings for property or project
  • Proposals
  • Job folders
  • Aerial photos
  • Field book files
  • Cogo files
  • Any other file that you can reach on your network


Attach Job Folders

You can attach individual files, or just attach the entire job folder. Double-click the job folder and it opens up in Windows Explorer for quick and easy access to all the job files.



To add files to the list, just drag them over with the mouse and drop them off. Likewise, you can drag a file out of the list and drop it on your desktop, or into another folder. You can even drop it onto some applications that support drag-and-drop. For instance, drag a file and drop it into an email as an attachment.

File attachments



* The native application must be installed on your computer in order to launch the file when you double-click it..