Manage Your Office

Info-Retriever is an office database program designed to meet the unique needs of today's surveying and engineering firms. Info-Retriever provides a single location for organizing and managing your day-to-day information


All information is centrally located.

Store and Manage:

  • Clients and Contacts
  • Jobs and Properties
  • Survey Control
  • Appointments & Tasks
  • Time and Billing
  • Correspondence
  • Drawings, field notes and other files.
  • Intra-Office Email

Other Features:

  • Data is available to everyone on your network.
  • Over 80 ways to search data.
  • Search history for quick access to prior searches.
  • Formatted comments for clients, jobs, and survey control
  • Attach and launch AutoCAD drawings right from Info-Retriever.
  • Create location maps of your jobs and benchmarks in Google Earth or Google Maps.
  • Track and bill for time for each job.
  • Create invoices and payments.
  • Share data and create invoices with QuickBooks.
  • Create work orders and track job progress.
  • Use and create forms such as transmittals, work orders, letters, fax cover sheets, and more.
  • Create appointments and tasks.
  • Scan in field notes, photographs, aerials, surveys and attach them to any client, job, or survey control record.
  • Keep running notes of phone conversations and meetings.
  • Write letters and create proposals.
  • Print mailing labels.

The Bottom Line!

Info-Retriever helps you store, organize, and retrieve the information you need to run your business in today's competitive environment.