Search for Survey Control

Info-Retriever gives you several very powerful methods for searching for control points. Some of the more advanced methods are listed below.


Nearest Street and
Cross Street:

Jobs/Properties Window

Of course you can search by address, but you can also search for a benchmark or control point by entering a street and cross street.

Search Window

Jobs/Properties Window

Searching for control points that
lie within a search window.

Search for control points by entering a coordinate and a search distance to search around the coordinate. If desired, you can also limit the search to a particular grid or coordinate system.


Other Searches:

There are several other ways to search for control points as well, including:

  • Control ID (or name)
  • Address
  • Subdivision
  • Section/Township/Range
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Date entered / Date edited
  • User fields
  • Comments
  • More...