Contacts & Clients

Along with standard contact information, the contact view also contains a list of properties for each contact as well as a list of documents that have been written to the contact with the built-in word processor. Eight blank user fields are also provided for you to use as you choose.


Jobs/Properties Window

Contact Window - click for large version

  • Keep track of important contact information.
  • Look up a contact's address in Google Maps.
  • Keep unlimited notes for each contact.
  • Keep a list of properties or jobs for each contact.
  • Create letters right from the contact view.
  • View a list of correspondence with each contact.
  • Scan and save documents and photographs for each contact.

Contact Fields:

Below is a list of the data that can be stored with each contact.

  • Company
  • Contact Name
  • Title
  • Salutation
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Terms
  • Six phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Category
  • Date Entered
  • Comments (unlimited size)
  • List of documents
  • List of properties/jobs
  • List of files, including PDF files, spreadsheets, or any other file on your computer.
  • Scanned images
  • 8 User fields for you to rename and use as desired