Quick Section for AutoCAD


If you have contours, you can cut cross-sections in seconds without creating TIN models, preparing contours or leaving AutoCAD. Simply click on points or lines in the AutoCAD drawing to define the section and watch the cross sections being computed and displayed. No access to civil design software is necessary and it can be used at any stage of the design. Quick Section is ideal for checking existing ground, designing surfaces, road profiles, channel profiles, culverts, vertical relationships between objects and construction details.


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  • Cuts sections through AutoCAD® contours, LWPolylines, fault lines and 3D faces.
  • Cuts an unlimited number of segments along the section.
  • User selected cross section parameters.
  • Works on AutoCAD® contours from any source - survey, photogrammetry and USGS maps.
  • No need to pre-process data, correct zero elevation, convert to one linetype or remove planimetric and drafted line work
  • No need to interrupt anyone's work to use Quick-Section.
  • No training needed, no learning curve.
  • Processes different types of data, even if mixed.
  • Requires no preparation of contours.
  • Sections are drawn to the drawing scale.