ProCogo - Introduction


Tired of waiting for your big CAD/Survey system to load just to get a quick point list or stakeout sheet? ProCogo's clean intuitive user interface lets you get the printouts you need in record time. In addition, ProCogo can work with other programs such as TIN Master and Legal-Aid to give you contouring and legal description capabilities.



Clean, concise menus make
program navigation easy

User Interface Highlights






Easy for New and Occaisional Users

ProCogo's pull-down menus provide an easy-to-use visual method of operating ProCogo. We've made an extra effort to keep the menus clean, well-organized, and uncluttered.


Added features for Power Users

For the power users out there, we've assigned many of ProCogo's more common commands to hotkeys and text commands. This allows you to quickly jump to a new command at the press of a button, or by typing in a short two letter command.