Affordable COGO and CAD software for Land Surveyors.

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ProCogo XL provides you with quick, straightforward COGO, CAD and Data Collection. COGO Calculations are displayed while you work on the left with your drawing on the right. Draw linework as you traverse and inverse.... or use the drawing tools to draw linework wherever you wish, with or without COGO points. Add text to the drawing, including curve tables, paragraph text and text along a curve. When you're ready, print your drawing at any scale and rotation, complete with border and North arrow, or export it to DXF to be imported into AutoCAD.


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  • Alpha-numeric point names.
  • Bearing and distance recall.
  • Bearing and Distance annotations.
  • Select COGO points right from the screen, or type them in by name.
  • Import and process data collector files.
  • Create legal descriptions from a parcel in your drawing.
  • Create Digital Terrain Model and then create and label contours from it. (DTM version only, click here for details)
  • Draw lines, arcs, tracts (polylines).
  • Draw text including paragraph text and text along an arc.
  • Create custom blocks (symbols) and share then with everyone on your network.
  • Automatically draw a deed from the text of a legal description.
  • Import aerials and scanned maps to draw over or use as a background.