ProCogo is known for its simple, straightforward COGO routines. Commands can be easily accessed by pull-down menus, as well as hotkeys and text commands. Calculations are displayed on the text screen while you work, and can be scrolled back for review at any time. Want to draw lines while you calculate? Just press the Pen-Down button and continue on your way.


Alpha-Numeric Point Names

One of the top requests for ProCogo has been for alpha-numeric point names. And now they're here!

  • Up to 16 characters long.
  • Configurable point symbol.
  • Descriptions up to 64 characters long.
Alpha-numeric point names


No Modes.... enter any angle at any time!

With ProCogo XL, you are never stuck in a bearing or azimuth mode. Instead you can enter any bearing, azimuth, angle or deflection angle at any time. For instance, enter 12.2233*1 for a Northeast bearing, or 35.1041*7 for angle right. By using these "asterisk" codes, your right hand stays on the numeric keypad for faster input. Can't remember the codes? You can enter them like this as well "N12.2233E" and "35.1041AR"


Bearing and Distance Recall

This feature lets you enter bearings and distances using existing COGO points. For example, to use the distance from point 10 to point 12, just enter 10-12.

Suppose you want "half" that distance, then enter 10-12/2. The program will take the distance from point 10 to point 12, and then divide it by 2. Bearing and distance recall can be used at virtually any prompt that asks for a direction or distance.


Draw Lines as you calculate

Press the Pen-down button and ProCogo will draw lines as you traverse or inverse. And now in ProCogo XL, you can annotate those lines with bearings and distances!


Annotations can be configured to be on top or bottom, or even dragged to a new location. And annotations are associative, so if the line ever changes, the bearings and distances automatically change with it.

Bearing and Distance Annotations


Distance Units

ProCogo XL includes support for the following distance units. You can switch between these units at any time!

  • U.S. Survey Feet
  • International Feet
  • Meters
  • Feet and Inches
  • Chains & Links
  • Poles
  • Rods
  • Links
  • Varas
  • Texas Varas