ProCogo XL includes a complete set of drawing commands. You can use them with COGO points, or just draw freehand.

  • Draw lines and arcs.
  • Draw tracts (polylines).
  • Create and draw custom symbols (blocks).
  • Draw text, including paragraph text and text along an arc.
  • Insert images such as aerials or topo maps.
ProCogo XL CAD features


Snap Modes

Use snap modes to lock on to an endpoint, a midpoint, or other linework attribute. Snap calculations are just as accurate as COGO calculations and can be a quick way to lock on to a precise location in the drawing.

Snap modes include:

  • Snap to endpoint
  • Snap to intersection
  • Snap to midpoint
  • Snap to center pt (radius pt)
  • Snap to perpendicular
  • Snap to Tangent of an arc

ProCogo XL CAD features


Midpoint Snap Example


Editing Commands

A complete set of editing tools are provided that allow you to do things like trim, extend, or break lines and arcs, and to drag an endpoint to a new location. These commands include the following:


  • Move
  • Copy (with repeat)
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Nudge
  • Group/ungroup
  • Scale image
  • Fit image
  • Move endpoint
  • Break
  • Trim
  • Extend
  • Trim to intersection
  • Fillet
  • Offset
  • Offset tract
  • Explode block
  • Explode tract
  • Join
  • Change properties
  • Divide line
  • Divide arc
  • Move line label
  • Move tract label


Layers and Grouping

You can organize your drawing by placing various objects on different layers. For instance, you could put setback lines or TOPO shots on a separate layer, then "hide" the layer to get them out of your way as you work. You can have up to 256 different layers, each with their own custom names and colors.


Grouping allows you to "stick" several objects together so that they can be moved, copied, etc. as one object. You can ungroup them at any time with a few mouse clicks.



Think of blocks as custom symbols that you can create yourself. Each block can contain data fields called "attributes". For instance, a block for a tree might have attributes to store its trunk size and spread. ProCogo provides you with over 40 blocks to get started. And if you have a network version of ProCogo, any new blocks that you create can be easily shared with all of the other users in your office.



You can add text to the drawing at any angle and size. You can add a single line of text, or paragraphs of text that will automatically wrap to the width that you specify. Text can also be placed along an arc (including extracting the dimensions from the underlying arc). Text is automatically drawn at its correct plotted size relative to the current plot scale so that you can see how it fits in the drawing at scale.