ProCogo Compatibility

If you are a ProCogo user moving to LotPlot, you'll be happy to know that we've taken much of what you like about ProCogo and included it in LotPlot



  Watch the video: ProCogo vs LotPlot



Cogo Commands

Nearly all of the COGO commands in LotPlot work the same as they did in ProCogo. Where differences do exist, they are usually minimal. In many cases the commands have been improved. The following ProCogo features are also available in LotPlot.




ProCogo File Compatibility

You can load and use the files that you've created with ProCogo. Please note however that ProCogo cannot read LotPlot files (except group files).

  COGO Files ProCogo COGO files can be opened directly in LotPlot. When the file is opened, not only are the COGO points loaded but the graphics and text screens from ProCogo are loaded as well.
  Point Group Files Any point group files that you have created in ProCogo are fully compatible with LotPlot.
  Field Files ProCogo field files can be loaded into LotPlot however some minor editing may be required for the instrument and closure setups. Multiple observations are currently not supported in LotPlot.



What is not supported:

The following ProCogo features are not included in LotPlot.