Layers give you great control in organizing and managing the elements in your drawing. Place like objects on their own layers and then easily turn them on or off, or change their color just by changing the layer color. You can have up to 256 layers and each layer can be customized with its own name and color.



LotPlot layers.


Show or Hide Layers

Suppose you need to print a drawing containing only lot lines and easements. Just turn off the TOPO and house layers and in about 10 seconds you are ready to print.


LotPlot layer animation.

Quickly manage colors "BYLAYER"

When you use the "ByLayer" color setting, the color of each object is determined by the color assigned to its layer. If you change the color of the layer, then the color for all of the objects on that layer are immediately changed too. You also now have 255 color settings to choose from.


"Locked" Layers

When you lock a layer, everything on that layer is still visible but can no longer be moved. Use this feature to lock down objects so that they won't be accidentally modified.


The Layers Dialog

Layer names, colors, and other settings are all easily accessed in the layer dialog. Save your layer configuration so that it will be used as the default for all new drawings. You can also quickly change layers with the Layer drop-down list on the toolbar.


LotPlot layer dialog.