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Legal-Aid for LotPlot

Included with LotPlot is Legal-Aid, our legal description writer. Previously available only to AutoCAD users, this version has been modified to work with LotPlot, but still includes the phrase library features of the AutoCAD version.


Legal-Aid Features:



Creating a Legal Description:


Step 1

Click the Tools menu, then "Legal-Aid", and then click on the lot you wish to create the legal for.


Legal-Aid appears and creates the legal description. The legal description is "assembled" from phrases that you can customize as desired.

Legal description writer


Step 2

Review the legal description in Legal-Aid's built-in word processor and make any revisions as needed.


Deed Writer

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Step 3

Print or save the legal description, or copy and paste it back into LotPlot. You can also copy and paste it into AutoCAD or another word processor such as Microsoft Word.

Legal-Aid for LotPlot



* Note: The LotPlot version of Legal-Aid only works with LotPlot. AutoCAD versions of Legal-Aid are sold separately.