Coordinate Geometry - COGO

Calculate, review, design, and draw with LotPlot's built-in COGO routines. All COGO points can be accessed by name or picked from the screen with the mouse.


COGO Points:


Bearing and Distance Recall:

Easily retrieve the bearing or distance between two COGO points by simply entering the point names separated by a dash (example: Point1-Point2). You can also apply basic arithmetic to the recalled bearing or distance. Bearing and distance recall can be used with both COGO and CAD commands.

See an example



Draw with COGO points:

COGO points can be used with nearly all of the CAD commands in LotPlot. For instance, you can draw lines from point to point just by entering the point names.



COGO Routines:

Below is a list of just some of the COGO routines included with LotPlot.